m commerce trends in 2017

There is no doubt that the e commerce sector has been soaring as of lately and will only continue to grow in the years to come and mobile commerce will also share the same growth. More and more customers will adopt the mobile first strategy.

An estimate of the growth varies, with some expert analysts expecting the m-commerce market to grow as much as 200%! Some of the more conservative ones estimate that it will exceed 100%. When it happens, its going to be a drastic change in the m-commerce sector. Of course, mobile apps will be part of the growing percentage.

While there is no replacing a good old website, it will still definitely be the primary choice of most people, the app will be the platform for frequent and loyal customers. Mobile apps offer a different experience compared to a website. They offer much better communication and also an easier shopping experience. When I say easy I mean that everything in an app is laid out to be as simple and as easy to understand as possible. When apps are easy to use, it will offer customers a good shopping experience which will then turn into better conversion rates and higher sales compared to a mobile web.

However, apps might not surpass the good old mobile web in 2017, but it will definitely be closer to. Apps in 2017 will perhaps be 40% of m-commerce. Companies and retailers who aren’t offering their customers and users a mobile sales option in 2017 are really loosing out. Also, companies and retailers without apps will be missing out on a fast growing sector.

Delivery Will Be A Deciding Factor

Delivery method

How many of you love it when you get free next day delivery on your order? I personally do. I just can’t wait till I receive what I have bought. So, customers aren’t just interested in the price of an item but also how they receive their purchase. However, this factor mainly applies to business who are selling small items that can be delivered to their customers door step (e.g Amazon, Ebay, Clothing sites). Most customers either expect the same day or next day delivery, and they do not expect it to cost extra for this service.

M-commerce businesses should offer their customers a variety of ways they can receive their goods, as customers today want the option of either buying online and picking it up in store, the items being sent to their houses on the same day or going to the store and purchasing but have it sent to their home or office. Unfortunately there are no m-commerce companies that offer these options to their customers yet. Amazon recently delivered one of its Fire TV streaming devices and a bag of popcorn to a house 13 minutes after receiving an online order, using a drone. Amazon has definitely raised the bar for everyone! Businesses who are able to offer their customers with delivery options will definitely have an upper hand compared to those who don’t in 2017.

Mobile Fraud

mobile fraud

Fraud is becoming more and more common as the m-commerce world grows. Some countries have begun to apply the chip and pin technology making it much secure for customers to shop in stores. The new system is great for consumers and businesses, however there is a downside to this. When these fraudsters can no longer target stores, they will turn their attention to businesses who do not require a physical card reader (which is the online sector). 2017 will be the year that more online retailers will either be effected or take notice of fraud. Of course there are systems out there that can help you avoid fraud. Make sure to check with your e commerce provider to see if they provide protection for your website.

An example of a e commerce provider that offers a fraud protection system: STOP ONLINE SCAM With Our FRAUD PROTECTION PLUS!

Alternative Payment

m-commerce payment methods

With the rising of online fraud customers are become more cautious when making payments though mobile. Customers are now seeking for an alternative and safer way of payment, and this is where PayPal, ApplePay, Google Wallet, AliPay, WorldPay and many more payment gateways come in.  For example, PayPal uses SSL technology to keep their users information safe and when users make a payment, the recipient will not receive financial information (bank account number, credit/debit card number). When customers are not given a safe payment option, they tend to abandon their cart. Therefore, it is important for m-commerce companies to offer their customers a safe payment method if they want their business to grow in 2017. Not to mention, to also keep up with their competitors who are offering safe payment options.



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